4 habits of healthy relationships

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You wouldn’t expect to keep your teeth if you weren’t brushing them every day right?…Well, are you brushing your relationship?

At Awne, we’re on a mission to make relationships even better, so here are 4 habits that our data tells us healthy relationships share.

1. Reaffirm your commitment

This might sounds nuts but, every day you choose to stay with your partner, you can leave at any moment. Most of us take this for granted without realising how powerful a message this actually is, and it’s easy to make the most of it. Thank your partner for choosing to be with you, maybe not every day, but often, this reaffirms your connection and commitment to them.

2. Communicate

Of course, we talk to our partners every day, but listening and responding is more important. Make sure in your interactions you’re really listening to what they’re saying, ask questions and respond sincerely. Ask them to do the same, because communication is a two way street.

3. Solve it together

Big or small, it’s not the size of the problem that you solve together, it’s the act of us solving it together that makes our relationships healthier, so no matter if it’s ‘yours’, ‘mine’ or ‘ours’, if you can put your heads together and work on it together, your relationship will be healthier for it.

4. Create intimate moments

A joke, a wink, or even just eye contact are enough to create a little moment for you both to connect. Healthy relationships need these intimate moments to stay great, create them whenever and wherever you can.

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