Apple just told the world it has no idea who the Mac is for
Owen Williams

Good article. When those questions are written out like that, Apple’s decisions really do seem ridiculous. I worked out that I would have to spend up to £100 in adaptors just to use some of the connections/devices that I currently use with my 2009 MacBook Pro and iMac. If Apple include the necessary ones with the iPhone 7, why not the MacBook?

I also don’t think Microsoft have “the answer” as many have stated; I still think MacOS is superior to the likes of Windows 10. I’m not about to jump ship to a product that looks great and has a touch screen but doesn’t offer me what I like on the software front. But I’m also not shelling out for a new Macbook Pro any time soon. Apple are making it harder and harder for me to be convinced, especially when they used to master the whole ‘ecosystem’ thing so well. In the days when the magnetic charger cable, backlit keyboard etc were new things, it was very easy to be convinced and to upgrade, because these were solutions to real problems.

Interesting times, but I think a shake-up needs to happen at Apple, and they need to do a lot more thinking of and talking to their users. Because it is abundantly clear that their users have not asked for any of these ‘new’ iterations.

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