How and Why you should stop stressing out over your future.

We’ve all been there, you’re getting closer to that degree you’ve been half-assedly working towards for the last three or so years, and it’s beginning to dawn on you that soon you’re going to have to stop streaming Pingu til 3 in the morning every day and actually go out into the workforce. The stress hits you like a train with no brakes, all at once you’re feeling like in 2 years time you’ll be begging for scraps on Flinders Street or taking refuge in your parent’s basement. “I’m not ready for adulthood” you tell yourself, but don’t fret, as a fellow over-thinker, I’ve compiled a few blobs of wisdom that aim to help take your mind off of your ‘impending doom’.

So long, old noot noot.

There are plenty of people in the same boat.

Believe it or not, you’re not the only one feeling sick to the stomach about your future. With hordes of people going into higher education each year, there’s bound to be at least a handful of them who are worried about where they’re going to be in a few years time(Skittles, anyone?). So next time you can’t keep your breakfast down because you’re thinking about which street corner you’re going to occupy after you graduate, just remember that hundreds of people are having the exact same thoughts and it’s common to be uncertain about what the future holds.

One analogy we can actually agree on *cough cough*.

Don’t let stress get in the way of your free time.

Whilst stress is a perfectly normal thing, it’s important to not let it take over your day-to-day life. I only have one year to go before I graduate and I’m honestly terrified of what the future holds for me, but do I really want to spend my remaining breaks fretting over a job I may or may not get? Or do I want to actually enjoy my time off while I still have it?. The hard truth is that most jobs require you to work almost all year round, unless you’re one of the lucky few who get their break in the entertainment business you’ll likely only have weekends and a few weeks off per year. Don’t take this bombshell as a deterrent for chasing your dreams, just use it to remind yourself that you should be making the most of the abundance of free time you currently have.

Try to avoid sleeping in everyday like this little guy and opt for some time outside with friends!.

Make a plan, and stick to it.

I know I know, you’re sick and tired of hearing this same message repeated over and over again by your peers, but they do have a point. If you just sit around all day and play everything by ear, chances are that you’re not going to be able to accurately measure if you’re actually making progress towards your goals. By setting several achievable goals for a certain period, you can reduce stress and boost your self confidence by feeling more in control of your future. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your future! (Unless you’re some sort of genius, in which case, I’ll be contacting you shortly).

Turns out Rome was actually built by a group of blokes who synced up their to-do lists on their iPhones.

Be the best version of yourself

Cheesy, I know, but the most important thing to takeaway from all of this is that as long as you work hard and give everything you do the best effort you can, you’re going to be fine. Sure, you might get rejected a few times, but who doesn’t!?. These things are all a learning process, and if you’re even in school to begin with, then you’re already on the right path to a fulfilling future.