So I’ve finally committed, I’ve gone and set myself up on Medium to start blogging. But what’s finally brought me to start writing this? My incredible literary skills? Do I feel that I need to express my views out on the wilds of the internet? Am I incredibly passionate about something and I need to start letting my thoughts out?

No. Well yes in parts but what has really motivated me to start is PD4124, a usual suspect… For those not familiar (read: everyone) PD4124 is a module in Product Design called ‘Contemporary Design Culture’ for which 25% of the final grade go to having regular blog posts about what’s being discussed in the module and the design world in general. The module’s site is here.

So I suppose that now that I’m blogging for one reason I may as well start blogging about all the other parts going on in my life — Other design projects, Scouting, Sailing, Kayaking and being 20 years of age in Ireland 2015. Why knows what I’ll post? It could, but more than likely probably won’t, be a wild ride.

P.S. I’m also starting to post my work to my Behance Prosite (

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