8 Takeaways from Creative South 2017

This past weekend, artists, designers and nerds alike flooded Columbus, GA for the 2017 Creative South Conference. Here are eight things I’ll never forget.

  1. Mackey Saturday—Always have a presentation prepared. lol. Mackey’s presentation was a great last-minute change to the schedule after the original speaker’s flight was cancelled. Mackey taught us that presenting your ideas is an exhausting fight. It’s like boxing and running 5 miles between each match. Also, it’s important to know why rules are made in design, but until you understand, only break the rules you made.
  2. Charles S. Anderson—It’s a privilege to be a designer. It’s an awesome job. It beats cleaning pig poo, shucking corn, laying cement and a bunch of other stuff. Also, collecting items you like is important because it helps you to determine your style.
  3. Dominique Falla—Your vocation is important. It’s not just what you are good at, or what you enjoy, but it is what you are called to do.
  4. Ced Funches—When you discover that your career is not about you, you’ll begin to develop a system that can help others in your field. You become the one who builds the sewer system.
  5. bob ewing—A little bit a day, one step, one start right now where you are can set you up for success in the future. Bob is a great example of a designer who knows his priorities and is grateful in every step.
  6. Design Inc. panelMarc Hemeon and Joel Beukelman taught us that meetings are only to make a decision. They should not last more than 15-minutes. Send out a bulletin and make sure that your client knows which decisions will be made in the meeting. There were so many other great points that you can discover here.
  7. Alicja Colon—Her message rung loud and clear. “Allow your who to direct your do.”
  8. The Lip Sync Battle—Check your fly before you get on stage. Know the words (African chants) to the opening song of Lion King. Lastly, doing the worm will advance you to the next round (see video below starting at 3:53).
My friend Lydia is a really cool breakdancer and is President of UCF’s GDSA.

I’m also sending a big shoutout to all of the ‘Owl Worshippers’ at The Social Tap Friday night.

It was also great chatting with great designers such as Syd Weiler, Aaron Draplin, Rocky Roark, Steve and Danielle Wolf, Charles Anderson, Dominique Falla, Rogie King, Justin Mezzell and Ade Hogue.

I’m certain there were more awesome moments. If you were there, feel free to share yours!!

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