Fish Tank

A rambling and open ended study of low income life in Britain uses a 15 year old girl as the mechanism to tell this non-story. Rather than a plot, Fish Tank is a voyeuristic vision of the bleak nothingness of living in subsidized housing with an emotionally absent mother and foul-mouthed, violence prone neighbors.

The film is hyper-realistic, dreary and borders on depressing. Is there any hope at all? Where? It’s not to be found in pinked walled bedrooms decorated with tacky ornaments. It’s not to be found in the mother’s boyfriend who briefly takes advantage of Mia, the 15 year old daughter.

Unless some kind of positive note is found in the music, mostly rap, and the dance, we are left alone wondering what it’s all about. We’ll probably never know. A tainted and brutal film that isn’t “gripping” as the trailer states — but you’ll probably watch it to the end.

(2009, Michael Fassbender, Katie Jarvis, Kierston Wareing, Harry Treadaway, Jason Maza)

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