Theses for Disputation on Conservatism
Avi Woolf

All good stuff that I consider “open for debate” to paraphrase you. At the end you plea with the reader to rebuild and strengthen “religious” organizations… If you consider the religious underpinnings of most conservatism, how the religions often feed a list of moral absolutes which are rarely devised through a holistic and broad generalization of good and bad but moreso expert driven guides for morality which in the case of Christianity USUALLY excludes gays, transgenders and bi-sexuals. The people have spoken, and they are requesting the freedom to do as they please and as others “approve” so to speak. So start approving of people doing what they want with their own bodies and lives insomuch as these activities affect only themselves. It oughtta be that way anyway don’t you think? I mean isn’t that what you want for yourself too?

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