So Jupiter will be extra bright in the skies through September, reminds me of the planetary system when I was born, Jupiter was flinging out perihelion out in Gemini approaching Cancer. I have no houses on earth, my first is lonely, my second is lonely. All of my planets have formed a bowl in the southern hemisphere and all of my thoughts and doings are in the mind. On earth, here at home, I was born a slave to thought.

As a slave to thought, my life is full of sharing with others how to build their houses and grow their fortunes. But for me, no fortune here on earth.

Perhaps I will look up into the sky and see Jupiter this September, and feel her weight and gravity. What is she made of, so many earths inside her crust. I’m of course talking about a Jupiter pizza.

Jupiter is about half a billion miles away right now and I wonder how much influence she has even now as I write this little column about her.

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