I just came back from a week on the bike: this time I took the way to the Baltic Sea, pedalling for about 310km in 4 days. I did this trip at the end of August.

There are already plenty of guides about this route, which is easy and very well signed, so I am not going to get too much into details but I will just lay down the stages I did and add some final notes about gears and tools.

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Berlin Mitte / Joachimsthal, 83km

Very easy and beautiful stage, all using bike path across farmlands and pine woods. …

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Photo by Josh Carter on Unsplash

OK, I know, this might sound quite a peculiar topic at first but maybe you can get some interesting tips from the whole story.

So I work with Confluence and since Atlassian is continuously improving their product removing useful features, we need to adapt and find workarounds; one feature that I am missing the most is the ability to drop a shadow behind an image that you can put on a Confluence page. This was particularly useful, ça va sans dire, to increase the contrast in case your image had a white background.

I write a lot of Guides and How-To for our internal products and procedures, which means that most, if not all the images I use in Confluence are screenshots (I use macOS, so Shift+Cmd+4 is my best friend). …

My own definition of “drawing seriously” is more or less the same that applies to “running seriously”; you get to that status when you look forward to the next moment you’ll be only with yourself and your paper and pens, or your running shoes. It’s that feeling you get at the end of your new drawing, when you breath that sensation in: you have accomplished something, and you actually like what you did, as much as you were happy and proud when you broke your PB running 10k.

image of ants walking in a spiral
image of ants walking in a spiral
Ants are a recurring theme :)

I started drawing seriously at the end of 2018 — during the end-of-year vacations. I almost unconsciously realised that instead of the frustration of imposing myself to endlessly learn how to draw figures, animals and landscapes, I rather just enjoy running a pen on a white paper, in complete thoughtlessness, but consistently trying to form an habit. …

This one has been my second year in Lisbon, attending the glaring WebSummit. There are a few things that I consider worth saving for myself or others in preparation for the next year.

  • There are two terminals in Lisbon airport (T1 & T2). You can register to the WebSummit directly from there (Terminal 1). The procedure takes 5 minutes top; I didn’t find any queue…
  • To get to and from the airport you can use the Red line of the metro. The airport is really close to the city, almost embedded in it, so you can get anywhere very fast. …

As my birthday present, C invited me to visit with her the town of Dessau, in Saxony-Anhalt. What is so special about that small city is that in 1925 the BAUHAUS college moved in there from Weimar, from where they were forced out.

BAUHAUS, an art movement founded by Walter Gropius, is well known for its furniture design and architecture all strikingly modern and minimalist. The year 2019 is officially the 100th birthday of the movement and all the cities “touched” by it are celebrating it (Weimar, Dessau and Berlin).

We took a Regio train from Berlin, taking our bikes with us. In just about an hour and half we got there and we were ready to start the visit just before noon. …

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During our recent trip to France I had the pleasure to drive a rented car of a class I have never driven before: a new Mercedes C200 convertible. Being the geek I am, I played with it and all its perks until the very last minute of the last day of rent. We spent 9 days with it, making 2100 km in total.

Most of the things that intrigued or fascinated me are by all means nothing out-of-this-world, they are just probably new to me or whomever else is not used to drive a nice car like that.

Let me then share with you some of the most interesting facts. …

I just came back from a relatively short vacation–a week – in Crete and I would like to share some of my impressions of that experience with you, fellow travelers.

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The countryside from Heraklion to Pirgos

I flew in Heraklion (the “capital town”) from Athens, I booked a motorbike and a hotel there and went around the island trying to reach all its highlights. I failed that specific goal, more on that later.

Exploring the island with the motorbike is a good idea for the reasons that are very clear to you, if you already are a rider. …

Over the past few months, I got involved in the world of cryptocurrencies and I played a bit trading some of them. After a few days, it was more than clear that I needed a simple and effective way to keep an eye on the crazy by-the-hours ups and downs of the markets and get a sense of the performances of my small portfolio.

Warning: trading cryptos may cause dependency and should be avoided at all costs 😆

Since I didn’t want to use yet another App or another website and being quite familiar with Google Spreadsheet and JavaScript I thought that it would have been interesting to create something myself using those tools. …

In this article I’ll tell you how I fixed my Node.js development environment to be able to use a “macro” reference (or an “alias”, if you wish) for my TypeScript modules so that instead of writing an awful…

import { Something } from ‘../../../../lib/some-module’

…I am now happily able to just write

import { Something } from ‘@lib/some-module’

As you can see, I basically created the alias @lib to point to the real directory. How lovely! Please note already that the @ at the beginning of the name is just a mere convention and you can use something else or nothing at all, if you want. …

I hope you agree with me when I say that Visual Studio Code (from here on just VSC) is today’s best text editor. The feature set is growing over a nice monthly based release cycle, the customization options cover almost everything you’d need and the integration with Git is top-notch. It even has an integrated terminal! 😇

[UPDATE, August 2017] With version 1.15, VSC has improved a lot in this area, even adding specific settings (and UI: a nifty color picket) to enable the user to customise the syntax highlight feature without having to create a full blown custom theme.


Claudio Cicali

I've been fighting Internet Explorer since 1999 and now I am a Tech Lead @ N26 in Berlin, Germany.

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