Protecting culture during COVID-19

We’re really lucky here at Nile. We’re a lively bunch in a sociable workplace. How do we keep that vibe going when we’re all stuck at home?

There’s a familiar kind of rhythm to life at Nile. Each week kicks off with a buzz and hubbub as we run kick-offs, stand-ups, sit-downs, and venture out to client offices or hit the road on longer term spells of fieldwork.

A typical work day in the Nile studio.

That buzz usually gives way to a midweek of quiet, focused working in our picture perfect HQ (seriously. Search Circus Lane on Instagram and we dare you not to fall in love).

As the end of the week rolls around, the studio grows in size and sound once more as teams return. …

Right now, any customer could be a vulnerable customer. Automated communications written for a different time have the power to do unseen damage. Today, more than ever, organisations have a responsibility to reduce unintended consequences.

As your customers’ contexts change, so do the unintended consequences of the messages you’re sending. How can businesses help minimise the negative impacts? 📸 Photo Jonty Fairless

At Nile, we’ve built our practice on the principle that whatever business you’re in, you’re in the business of connecting with people. And now more than ever, how you connect with people is important.

During COVID-19, your customers’ context has shifted. Their financial situation, concerns, needs, level of anxiety — even their values — are changing. And that means what they need to hear from you has changed too.

We’ve been speaking to clients and customers over the past few weeks, and we’re already seeing this shift in action. Organisational comms teams are rising to the challenge relatively well with…

Calum Macleod

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