Does Kickstarter’s weight gain make it less attractive?

Has Kickstarter’s new rebrand been a step backward for their brand or have they made a good decision.

Kickstarter have kick started their rebrand like many companies have this year in an attempt to adapt the their brand to the ever changing world of design. To open, I don’t think it’s the spawn of Satan that many are making it out to be.

The rebrand has some redeeming qualities and some distasteful ones as well. To start the type has put on a few pounds, it’s chunky and and bold and removes all negative space within the lettering. Similarly the previous logo did the same with its R’s and A’s having their negative space removed but it left the C untouched with the rebrand they address this and fill it in to make the lettering more consistent, that being said the C doesn’t look the that nice but this might just be because the letter C doesn’t lend itself well the bubbly, chubby style of typography that Kickstarter approached the design with.

The colour is another change that was put into play with the new rebrand and with this change, I’m torn; I think that the bright, vibrant green used by Kickstarter in their previous brand was more identifiable and set their brand apart from the crowd but Kickstarter had mentioned that they felt their brand needed to be taken more seriously as they began gather a reputation for a site that wasn’t serious about bringing about new and better products; This seemed like a legitimate concern and in regards to that the colour change is fitting but I do thing that they could’ve picked a better colour to change to as the dull navy in use lacks personality and is just boring as hell.

There is one change that I thought Kickstarter made a well needed change and that was within their design system for scale. The new Kickstarter mobile icon is a vast improvement from the previous, in both cases it makes use of the K from the logo but the K within the new rebrand is much better suited to an icon design; It has a personality, it looks nice and most importantly it is unqiue. The previous K icon was pretty boring, yeah it had the same bright green but colour only goes so far; I can’t recognize coca-cola from the shade of red they use. Removing colour from the equation, the previous K icon could be mistaken for just a rounded sans serif font that had no affiliation to a brand. With the new K that has changed when looking at it in the future you will be easily able to associate the K with Kickstarter because of its uniqueness.