Originally written on October 21, 2014.

Early in my career I was in a job that had me commuting close to three hours a day. I managed it by reading a lot, but it left me with very little personal time during the working week. Weekends were often spent getting ready for the week ahead. I went to work when everyone else went to work, came home when everyone else came home, went shopping when everyone else went shopping. Wherever I went was busy with people rushing to do the same things I needed to do.

Eventually my wife and I moved closer to my office…

For all of my adult life, the question of how to stay fit has been a tough one to answer. The common theme of my fitness activity has been one of earnestly trying to make something work, followed by an eventual realisation that it wasn’t.

In late 2018, after struggling to keep pace on a barbell program (being carried out in a gym) it was becoming clear that whatever it was that was going to work for me, it would have to be a program that I could do from home.

I was reluctant to accept the idea of working…

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