Actually, what I am doing is more of Data Mining than IoT (surely, it gets data from IoT, but logic…
Kesus Kim

Yes IoT takes many different fields and areas of expertise for the full value to be unlocked. Hardware expertise to build the sensors and devices you need, connectivity expertise to get the data from those sensors/devices to the cloud, software/AI/ML/big data expertise to turn that data into useful insights, and then design expertise to show it to end-user in a useful way.

However, IoT is also valuable beyond just the data that it generates. With IoT, you can also automate actions in the environment (like closing a garage door or turning on sprinklers).

Yes, IoT is valuable as a data source, but that’s certainly not the only role. I think it gets confusing because there are sooo many different applications our there that are all considered IoT, so it’s hard (maybe impossible) to really categorize them.

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