Wi-Fi isn’t really low power, or at leat low enough power to make battery operation useful for…

You’re absolutely right. WiFi is somewhere between cellular and options like Bluetooth or IEEE 805.15.4-based specifications (e.g. Zigbee).

As with any high-level look at a nuanced topic, the finer details will be missed. Within each of these groupings I’ve set up, the options can still vary greatly.

Overall, it still holds true that each specific option represents a tradeoff between the power consumption, range, and bandwidth. To improve one you have to give up another to some degree.

With these posts, my intent is to provide a foundational understanding for those new to IoT. But I also don’t want to spread misinformation, so I really appreciate your response and hope you’ll let me know if ever I miss an important detail in these explanations.

Thank you!