‘Why’ is a process that takes place within the brain. It is based upon logical reasoning.

This is a tool our mind uses to understand causes and effect. It helps us to handle at our goals.

I ask myself : can we use ‘why’ to express spiritual ideals?

Spirituality is outside of logical thought. The concept of spirit evades logic. If it didn’t, it would lead itself into the same questions that all temporal life is subject to.

‘Why’, in regards to a possible infinite way, is an impossibility.

Like Zeno's Herculean Paradox, we can see that there is a logical method that can never find an answer.

In spirituality, the logical temporal mind is like a calculator trying to divide a 10cm cake by 3 — it will never settle on the final place to put the knife.

Like trying to explain the taste of coffee with tea leaves: to think of life beyond this life, outside of this reality, we don't have the tools to satisfy the cold logic of the mind.

During the process that we may look for the ‘why’ of life, we become frustrated because the answers we want evade us and tumble into an infinite regress.

The mind, trapped inside a temporal world, wired for a temporal world, simply struggles with life, and death, and all the whys that our rationality tries to find.

So while we may find temporal answers to temporal ‘why’s, when we look for infinite, spiritual, divine ‘why’s, we may have to accept our fantastical mind just might not hold the tools for this job.