Is Tom Brady Now the Greatest Player in N.F.L History? Yes, and here’s why.

Tom Brady hoisting up the Lombardi trophy after his recent Super Bowl 51 victory against the Atlanta Falcons.

How many quarterbacks have won five Super Bowls? Can you guess? That’s right, only one. Tom Brady. How many quarterback have thrown for 50 touchdowns in a season? Well, actually two players have, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. I think you get my point by now. Tom Brady has done some pretty amazing things throughout his long NFL career, and I consider it a gift to be able to watch him play. Before you read any further you might want to kick back and relax because I am about to drop some straight up facts on you and explain why Tom Brady is now the greatest quarterback in NFL history.

Number One, he has been Super Bowl MVP four out of the five times they won. That stat right there is probably the most impressive. Not only has he won FIVE Super Bowls, he has been Super Bowl MVP four of those times. His most recent Super Bowl MVP is definitely the most impressive though. He led a Patriots team that was down 28–3 halfway through the third quarter to a 34–28 win in overtime. He completed 43 of 62 passing attempts, threw for a Super Bowl RECORD 466 yards, and two touchdowns. Absolutely stunning if I must say. It seems like every year he just keeps breaking records

He only has four rings in this picture(minus his wedding ring) because there isn’t a picture of him with his five rings yet

Fact number two, he is number four in all-time passing yards in NFL history. He is about 6,000 yards short of breaking the record which Peyton Manning holds. In case you didn’t know, Peyton Manning is retired, and Brady might play for a few more years so I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if he broke that record. Tom Brady never really had anyone to work with throughout his career up until he got tight-end Rob Gronkowski, who is seemingly always injured. He usually just created good wide receivers because he could throw so well. The only wide receiver that Brady played with that was truly not a creation of him, was legendary Vikings wide receiver, Randy Moss. I’ll put a link to a video of Randy Moss highlights at the end of my essay. I suggest you watch it.

A picture of Tom Brady(left) and Randy Moss(right)

And fact number three, he has one of the most polarizing stories in all of the NFL. Anyone who knows Tom Brady knows that when he was drafted by the Patriots, he certainly wasn’t meant to be a starter. Let me explain. Tom Terrific was drafted in the sixth round of the NFL draft. The SIXTH freaking round. To clarify things a little more, there are only seven rounds in an NFL draft which means that usually the players that are thought to do good in the NFL are picked higher up. This means that nobody really thought that Brady was gonna be a star, boy were they ever wrong. Brady started immediately his rookie year and that was basically the end of the story. The sixth round draft pick out of Michigan went on to become the greatest NFL quarterback of all time. On an unrelated side note, Tom Brady totally cried during an interview when he was talking about the draft back in 2000. That sounds quite poetic if I must say.

A picture of Tom Brady waaaaay back when he was drafted in the year 2000.

Well, there you have it. Those were just three reasons as to why he is the greatest quarterback in NFL history. He breaks records, has a great arm, and he has a cool/sad draft story. Those three things all come together to form the G.O.A.T. Hopefully he will keep breaking more records in these next few years if he still decides to play. I will never forget Tom Terrific and his accomplishments in the NFL.

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