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Greetings earthlings , my name is Mutatiina Atuhaire Calvin. This right here is my very first blog post. I’m not really going to talk about my whole childhood and stuff but just so you know, it was great, God brought this far, i cant take the credit.

So,first day at teen code and it went pretty well. The whole idea of problem solving was pretty cool, most especially the first session where we contributed ideas on solving what seemed to be very simple tasks but when brought into the worst case scenarios made our minds think bigger, which if you ask me gave me the feeling of thinking like the big brains do. pretty rad huh.

Then we went to having tutors that do not want to be addressed as teachers was pretty cool. In a way it builds a strong working bond and im really looking forward to working with my group. I know God put us together for a reason, and hope to learn more and probably become world class one day as i now take my first steps(ok not really my first as such, but first realll steps) on planet code.

So yeah , i guess this is where stop so i hope this gets me an A+ haha. aye.

Thor out [ drops hammer ]