How does a leader find their team’s rhythm?

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Like an orchestra, teams perform on a rhythm. An orchestra combines hundreds of instruments and sounds together to create a beautifully connected melody. A team, like an orchestra, has humans with an infinite combination of personalities, opinions, and experiences that need to come together to create a cooperating organism.

When that rhythm is off, an orchestra’s music can sound disjointed, off-beat, and noisy. When a team’s rhythm is off, everything just seems a little bit more difficult. It’s slower. It’s not as fun. It’s just, meh.

When the rhythm is on though, it’s music to your ears. Issues are resolved quickly. People know who to go to. Everyone knows why, what, where, when, and how to do things. People are smiling, celebrating, and laughing. …

How do you make sure you are showing up the right way each day as a leader?

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In hockey, a hip-check is when an opposing player gives you a little bump while you’re on the ice using their lower body. Okay, a “little bump” might be a tad light in describing the effects of a hip-check, especially when you’re not ready for it.

When you’re flying down the ice at full speed and out of no-where, someone’s lower body slides into you, it can cause some serious damage and injury. …

How do you know if you’re baking a stellar dev-team?

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Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Today, I was meeting with one of my favorite software engineering leaders of all time who’s led it all. He’s built and sold startups. He’s also led within large organizations. He’s led small teams, large teams, and everything in between.

He and I meet regularly to discuss leadership and technology, and today, we discussed this topic, “What are the traits of an amazing Software Engineering Dev-Team?”

After about an hour of us each describing some of the best teams we’ve either been on or led, we came up with ten traits we believe some of these teams exhibited.

Now, before we get into it, I’ll share that not all of these traits are required to have a great team. These traits make up a lot of ingredients we feel exist in some of the best teams we’ve ever experienced. Just like baking a cake, you don’t need all the ingredients to make something taste good. What’s important is knowing what ingredients you have and how to add, remove, or modify your team’s ingredients to bake the best team-cake possible.


Calvin Bushor

Technologist, leader, writer, and I created to help new tech leaders be better leaders and build awesome dev teams! #LeadershipLife

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