Domain Sales Pitcher app

Calvin Chong
Oct 16, 2016 · Unlisted

Domain (Agency: Orchard)

Domain Group wants to empower their in-field account executives to deliver the Domain story and product value to their clients in a consistent and engaging way.

During a couple rounds of workshops with the senior marketing team, we delved deep into the client relationship model and what successful B2B partnerships look like. We also discussed pain points and reviewed their existing suite of tools.

I conducted some contextual inquiry by going on the road with an account executive. (Domain employs a team of account executives who each service a group of real estate agents in specific regions across the country.) This was invaluable to validate the problems we had workshopped but also revealed other areas for improvement. Seeing the role first-hand helped me build a sense of empathy that I used to inform my designs.

We ultimately proposed an iPad app for account executives to easily build custom client presentations on-the-go. The app would sync centrally managed content as well as dynamically populate slides with client- and region-specific data.

I designed and built the prototype using

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Main screen — choose an existing presentation or create a new one. User is notified of any updated content.
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New presentation — toggle and reorder content relevant to the client. Region and zone settings will populate slides with dynamic data.
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Edit presentation — Edit an existing presentation’s content and settings.
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Presentation navigation — jump to any slide from within a presentation.

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