Calvin Chong
Feb 14, 2016 · Unlisted

Bayer (Agency: Orchard)

The Elevit website for Bayer marries local strategy with a global, multi-country design, running on a single content management system.

As the UX designer on the pitch team, I started by building empathy with the target audience. I organised a guerilla user journey mapping session, where participants shared their motivations, attitudes, and behaviours against the pregnancy timeline.

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User journey shows what participants do vs. feel at each stage of their pregnancy journey.
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The completed user journey with design and feature recommendations.

Insights from the user journey helped me to devise a three-pronged solution:

  1. Conversations around pregnancy revolve around the three stages of pregnancy (pre, during, and post): match the user’s mental model and organise content accordingly.
  2. Pregnant women are highly motivated to stay on top of their baby’s development: help them follow their pregnancy week-by-week.
  3. Knowledge is not only power but is also a source of comfort: deepen understanding of nutrition benefits for mother and baby.

Taking a mobile-first approach, I designed wireflows that show content and interactions for each part of the solution, and how everything ultimately stitches together.

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The redesign was first launched in Australia, followed by rollouts to China, Germany. Italy, and Russia.

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