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Take a breath, now inhale, and let it all out. No, I’m not talking about breathing meditation. That was a quick guide on how to smoke. Here’s an alternative guide to living your best life that I would like to proffer, lean in and embrace some of your ‘bad habits’.

There is far too much guilt going on in regards to –not– doing things that is detrimental to your health. I’m here to make a case for doing the things that soothe your mind and heart. There’s a pandemic going on, for crying out loud — so to all of…

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Here we are cast out into the unprecedented flow of the world.

Tossed by its rippling waves.

Moved by the push of the force around us.

Query: to what extent do we have to drown out the noise before our minds get washed out?

I reach for a buoy but it bobbles away from my grasp.

Good things happen with patience, so they say.

Next week I'll be another week older, none the wiser, because nothing will have happened that was significantly different from yesterday.

Stale water has a smell to it.

Unlike clean flowing spring water, stale water has…

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The desire not to rock the status quo is a commonality shared among so many of us. Perhaps we have a fear of confrontation, or a desire to always keep peace. Maybe we only want relationships for the fun of it, and when it gets hard we disengage.

Two years ago, my ex and I went separate ways after a decade long relationship. Enough years had passed for me to start noticing the cyclical nature of relationships. One valuable lesson I’ve learned: as much as you get along with somebody, there isn’t a control switch for when the fun takes…

Hunger is something I’ve always actively tried to avoid, but I challenged myself to go without food for 10 days.

A close up of a water droplet piercing the stillness of a river reflecting orange and blue back hues.
A close up of a water droplet piercing the stillness of a river reflecting orange and blue back hues.
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Editor’s note: The practice of fasting for health or spiritual reasons has been around for centuries. Some of these practices, however, have similarities with behaviors associated with anorexia nervosa. If you suspect that your interest in fasting is related to compulsive behaviors, we encourage you to use the screening tool and resources from the National Eating Disorders Association to evaluate the right course of action for you.

Prior to my 10-day water fast experience, the longest I had gone without food was 72 hours — done with the goal of resetting my relationship with food during the beginning of the…

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Brené Brown has a really good analogy about armor that we don on to protect ourselves. Whether we’re protecting ourselves from past traumas or potential harm to our ego is dependent. Problem with this armor that we put on, it stays on far past its expiry date. It’s on when we no longer need it anymore. It has found a way to stick on and we need to learn how to untangle the mess to remove the thing.

Our propensity to protect ourselves from emotional trauma is a good system — but if you are no longer in an environment…

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Over the last few of years practicing as a Massage Therapist, I’ve had the opportunity to interact with thousands of individuals within a very vulnerable setting. I suppose the vulnerability has been manufactured to some extent — people are coming in expecting to leave pain free and feeling more relaxed, so usually their guard is down.

This is good! Any good therapist knows that it’s important to prolong this window of vulnerability. Some of the best work happens during this time. People are able to breathe easier, their body is less tense. …

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I can’t say too much has changed about myself during quarantine. 2019 was a tough year for me. A week prior to Canada’s coronavirus lockdown, I had ruptured a tendon in my middle finger, and that made life very difficult for me (my career relies on my ability to use my hands). So to me, the solitude that 2020’s social isolation demanded wasn’t entirely out of the ordinary.

Social deprivation aside, quarantine has brought out characteristic extremes in me. It has pushed me to do the things I’ve left on the back burner for a long time. …

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There are individuals out there who have a certain discipline to them that keeps them going. Nobody is telling them what to do. Whether its self-improvement habits such as making time to read, goal oriented like working out to be fitter and stronger, or developing a spiritual practice to be a better human — its all done on their own accord. There doesn’t appear to be any direct competition or external factor that’s pushing them to do what they do.

How do they find continual motivation to keep the ball rolling?

Extrinsic vs Intrinsic Motivation

Motivation as a standalone concept can be a powerful…

It’s more than grit, dedication, and willpower.

Running is a strange activity to do. We’re not necessarily running anywhere specific, we’re not running from anything dangerous, we’re not running for our next meal either. Modernity has eliminated those factors from our lives.

Last month I took on a running challenge. I ran almost every day and I ran a lot — a total distance of 263.48km.

Before this, I would have considered myself an amateur runner at best. In the past, I’d get into the groove of running 2–5km once or twice a week. My “long runs” would be around 10km. …

Sometimes we need to fall down in order to reassess ourselves before we can get back up stronger than ever

Insofar as self-improvement goes, there’s a facade to what we think it stands for. The term self-improvement reflects something akin to being on an escalator that is continually ascending. It’s not.

There are days where the escalator malfunctions and you fall backwards a couple of steps. You’re disoriented from the sudden jolt and you have to sit with yourself.

When life knocks you down, sometimes all you can do is sit with the misery of it. Those are the moments where you get to make the conscious decision to observe what’s hurting or retreat to drown out the pain.

Success isn’t owned. It’s rented, and rent is due everyday — J.J. Watt


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