Anti-Aging, Is Growth Hormone The Real Fountain Of Youth?

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We all remember a time when we could eat anything and not gain a pound, had unlimited energy without a Monster or a Bulletproof Coffee, and didn’t have a clue what a wrinkle was.

The article, HGH Benefits and HGH Side Effects, Human Growth Hormone Is explained even more in-depth. The fundamental point is that we all produce growth hormone, it reaches it’s peak during puberty but slows around the age of 30.

This is where we begin to notice the effects of lowered growth hormone levels.

Our metabolism slows down, we begin poor habits like counting calories to lose weight. We are searching for supplements like Maca Root for higher energy levels. Men begin looking for testosterone boosters to fix erectile dysfunction and women flock to products that get rid of wrinkles. We look for products like Lean1, to help lose fat and gain muscle or metabolism boosters like black seed oil.

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It is important to remember that there are 2 types of Growth Hormone floating around the internet. 1 type you want to avoid like the plague and 1 type that is being compared to many as the fountain of youth.

Type 1: Illegal HGH Injections

Illegal HGH injections often make the news for the wrong reasons. Whether it be for a world class cyclist like Lance Armstrong testing positive to boost his endurance or a bodybuilder like Rich Piana dying from the negative side effects of illegal HGH.

Blood clots, paralysis, prison time are just a few effects of illegal HGH. You are literally injecting foreign growth hormone from whatever animal into your own human body.

This SHOULD be a no-brainer to avoid, but many flock to them in hopes of achieving what you could achieve naturally, 100% safely to your body.

Type 2: Naturally Increasing Your Own Growth Hormone

Products Like GenF20Plus Naturally Increase Your Own Growth Hormone

Naturally increasing your OWN growth hormone is not only safe, all natural, but is extremely important to combat the effects of aging.

Doctor endorsed products, like GenF20, are thoroughly researched, all natural, and have a slew of benefits.

Is Natural Growth Hormone The Fountain Of Youth?

Natural Growth Hormone stimulates and reverses the process of aging, it may not be the fountain of youth but it is the closest thing to it that we have in this world.

Dr. Steven Lamm, MD, Daniel Redman,MD, the V.A. medical center and medical department have all researched the effects of natural growth hormone with the consensus that natural growth hormone reverses the effect of aging.

Dr. Steven Lamm, MD strongly endorses the Genf20 supplement and we have it available for purchase in the Buying Online Supplements section of my site Guide Your Health.

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