Storming the storm

Be4 i flow i just wanna start by saying everyone’s been through stuff in their lives. Thats to say every successful person had a sucking moment at some point. Even as you read this, someone somewhere’s going through something that’s more than what you going through. That’s not to say you ain't going through stuff yourself. I tell you all that to tell you this, your destiny is always behind closed doors and you have to knock at that door and tell it to open. Usually when trials and tribulations come people are in a rush to give up but i came to tell you today that you ought to challenge your challenges and confront your confrontations in order to get to your destination. A story is told by Chana Joffe-Walt in her podcast Three Miles of 2 girls who were faced by the same trials. One was able to overcome her difficulties while the other was overcome by difficulties. If u think life on earth is a bed of roses then you in the wrong planet. The difference between success and failure is persistence. Before you think of giving up, think again.

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