Must read for every 20 somethings i!i!

Are u one of them folks that think 20s is a period of adventure & exploration? Wake up brah, cuz as soon as the sun comes down you had better be ready to face the moon. Did u know there is a prize to everything you do?? Demm right there is and ain't no way you gone have a bright future if you spend all your time gallivanting. Lemme ask u these questions, u ever thought of driving them big range rovers some day? ..Or living in one of them mansions they be showing on Tv? Hb getting married to the woman of your dreams and starting a family and having that dream job?Well if your answers were Yes then i gat some good news for you. If you gone become everything you dream of then now is the time to sit that ass down and put in the work. No one plants maize seeds and comes back expecting to harvest apples. Your destiny is what you choose to become and it all starts with the choices you choose to make now.Bare it in mind that your life might end before it begins and only you can prevent that from happening. Hear me if you got ears, think less about the adventure and focus more on how you gone structure your future. Meg jay says the only way to figure out what to do is to do something. Enjoy wisely and don’t forget that as you make your bed so you must lie on it.

People who don’t plan a good future in their 20s
People who plan for their future and lay its foundation at the right time
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