Prophetic Political Pondering — Oct 8, 2016

So…. I get Trump said some horrid things about women… and there are many condemning him for that.

In this recent video…. I didn’t hear anyone in this van condemn him for his statements and run to defend our women…. I only heard laughter.

Is not Billy Bush and everyone else in the van just as responsible for distasteful and discriminatory statement against women?

If something is “wrong” — it’s wrong whether someone says it, or whether you remain silent while hearing it.

Why is our energy not directed to the pathology that permeates our society and supports this thinking (behind closed doors) which then allows for these conversations to come out in the light.

We have a bigger issue than spoken words…our issue yet remains in the silent words of the mind.

Let us rise with responsible anger and conscious conviction and not simply emotional engagements.

“The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men/women to do nothing”
- Edmund Burke -