The Meaning of Recurring Dreams

Everyone has dreams. With the proper thinking and training, many people can recall their dreams easier. The best way to understand the meaning of a dream is to liken it to a theme. In this way, dreams are simple. We all go through seasons (or themes) in our lives. Our days even carry a theme. Did you have a good day or a bad one? Did it seem like all the strangers you met were unusually nice today? That’s a theme. Dreams are a way of the subconscious mind understanding what’s happening in your conscious and daily living. It’s a way of finding meaning to the madness and mundane parts of our life.

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Many people ask if foods can contribute or cripple your dream life. The answer is simple–Yes. We know that caffeine and alcohol, for example, can really disrupt sleep cycles and therefore your dream state. There are also foods that can encourage and even exaggerate dreams. Cheese, for example, has been known to cause more enhanced dreams. Some even say, the sharper the cheese the sharper your dreams.

Because dreams correspond with our daily living, they often have the same feelings. Sometimes, your life looks great and other times it just doesn’t make sense. Dreams are like this as well. My suggestion is to never dismiss anything in your dreams, no matter how scary or “off” it seems. If you have a dream that keeps recurring, it’s likely a lesson that you’re trying to learn or a life situation that you’re trying to avoid. Either way, I would pay attention.

Sometimes, we can project our own bias and social programming in our dream state. A good example of this is dreaming of snakes. Most people have dreamt of snakes at some point and many have an adverse feeling towards them. Snakes are actually a symbol of wisdom, insight, and understanding. So, the next time you have a dream about snakes just know that it may be your subconscious giving you clue that you’re either growing in wisdom or receiving it in a particular area of your life.

Some people even say they never recall their dreams. My answer to this is simple. Try not to stress about it. No matter if you remember your dreams or not you are still living in the effects of it. So one trick to know what you dreamt about last night is to acknowledge how you feel when you awake.

I trust this helps you understand your dream life a little more. Until next time…Keep dreaming!

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Be Well,

Calvin Witcher

Author, Speaker, Spiritual Teacher,
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