Artistic Culture

Author : Calvin Wong

Art is product of culture. Without describing too much for the definition of art and cultures, hence I will use an analogy to describe what is the relationship between culture and art in the society. Every household has their own rules and habit, thus it creates particular “culture” to describe the identity of the family. Each family usually interact with their respective neighborhoods and the society, they will create or produce something.

Ideas, thoughts, foods, songs, memories, everything. Every decision they made affected by the “culture” of the family and vice versa.

When a child from one family grows up and getting marry with their spouse, 2 people from 2 different “culture” will merge from one to another. Small conflicts usually inflict in daily life, eating habit, sleep habit, even brushing teeth habit. They are living as a new family and their cultures with form new culture, producing new “art” in form of activities. This what actually happens in the society.

We are living in heterogenous and complex society. Thousand ethnicities, races, languages, religions. It’s common If we have different cultures, since culture describes ourgroup identities.

Culture starts from our own family and art as in terms of output effected by the family culture. However, the society tends to differentiate and classified people for their differences, without realizing culture start from their own.

You must accept your spouse for their differences and conditions, since you are a family and live together. If you don’t accept and respect your spouse for who they are, conflict will keep arise. In the end, you will have an unhappy marriage life or even worse, a divorce.

When we respect people for who they are and accept their differences, there will be less conflict in the societies. By learning their culture, their art, we can learn how they living their life, their “identities”.

Culture is identity of a society, art is the output of the culture, art is the “universal language” to learn about people. People could learn different culture by understanding and learning their form of arts. Society will always has differentiation and conflict for their differences, but as one big family, it’s normal.

Acceptance and respect is the key to live a harmonious and peaceful environment.

Calvin is the CEO of Plater, a startup company based in Indonesia. Aside from doing business, Calvin is an ambassador for local youth community (IndonesiaBISA), a climate advocate (ClimatEducate), delegate and regional member (World Youth Alliance) and highly engaged in various international summit and conferences. His startup, Plater, was selected in Y Combinator StartupSchool 2017

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