Climate Change Impact In Indonesia And The Role Of COP22 For Sustainable Future

Climate Change made a big impact in Indonesia. The fourth largest populated country in the world is ranked sixth as greatest emitter of Greenhouse Gases. Conversion of land and deforestation, which the World Bank estimates at around 2 million hectares per year (World Bank, 2007), will not only affect Indonesia itself, but the whole world. Indonesia is ranked number nine with 46.46% of its area covered by forest.

As a result, Indonesia becomes one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change. Because 70% of its area is water, hence, rise in Sea level will affect the marine ecosystem and coastal water rise will have social and economic impacts. Residential, industry and fertile agricultural lands are concentrated in low coastal areas (WWF, 2009). Negative impacts of climate change will continue to increase throughout this century if no action is taken.

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Calvin is the CEO of Plater, a startup company based in Indonesia. Aside from doing business, Calvin is an ambassador for local youth community (IndonesiaBISA), a climate advocate (ClimatEducate), delegate and regional member (World Youth Alliance) and highly engaged in various international summit and conferences. His startup, Plater, was selected in Y Combinator StartupSchool 2017