Youthnity In Diversity, Tolerate We Stand

Author : Calvin Wong- 2017

Most of the world’s major conflict was inflicted for the differences which classified into major categories : religion, culture, ethnicity, race, dignity, etc. However, people are submerged into large groups in the society, divided by nationality.

Each country consisted of individuals with major and constant value for their interest and beliefs. In fact, no matter which group you are in, every single person was born unique. Thus, fundamentally, makes everyone is different.

As the world’s keep shifting, from indigenous to homogenous, and the current globalization era. People have to adjust and respect the differences in interest, value and beliefs as the upcoming global challenge. Hence, without proper education and integration, intolerance and conflict will keep rising on the bar, or even worse.

It’s everyone’s duty to keep the harmony and safety in the society. Sometimes people have subjective value for their justifications. My belief is different from what you belief, my righteous value is different from your righteous value. Every person wants the same thing, inner peace (Malik, Charles). And we can defend our points with this ground, because everyone is equal, and this is our fate and dignity as a human.

Looking for the future, young generation compromise a promising future for their generation advantageous and numbers. The world’s recorded more than 2 billion youth population aged 15–29. The Global Youth Development Index shows many countries are experiencing a “youth surplus” with adolescents and young adults making up a third of the population. This offers hope of a “demographic dividend” as young people contribute towards economic growth and well-being. However, in the decades to come, as the large youth population ages, fewer young people will be responsible for supporting greater numbers of older people ( For this reason, young people in this generation holds important figure for the future, especially for youth in developing country such as Indonesia.

Indonesia, the fourth most populous country in the world, home of 65 million youths. Looking at the country’s identity, Indonesia is a country of multiethnic which consist of 6 approved religions, thousand local languages and ethnicities. Indonesia proved itself to be one of the most tolerance country in the world. Indonesia also one of the best democracy country in the world. However, it doesn’t mean Indonesia should be at ease.

The demographic surplus and globalization will create various opportunities and challenges. Radicalization and intolerance challenges from global perspective will create a turbulence for it’s citizen. Therefore, by utilizing the advantage with positive campaign such as environment campaign, sports, student exchange, culture exchange, social act, and many more. Thus, will create higher chance to resist the intolerance and radical groups in the society.