Carfree eclipse viewing from Portland

Solar eclipse diamond ring — source

Useful if the rental car got overbooked or if you want to avoid driving in traffic (although not sitting in it).

Eclipse partiality begins 9:05 AM.

Eclipse totality time: 10:17 AM.

Portland City Center to Salem (where most eclipse activities are):

TriMet MAX Red/Blue Lines (every 6–12 minutes) to Beaverton, WES to Wilsonville, Cherriots/SMART 1X to Salem.

TriMet 12 /94 to Barbur Transit Center, SMART 2X to Wilsonville, Cherriots/SMART 1X to Salem

Last 1X leaves Wilsonville 8:05 AM

Scheduled time Wilsonville to Salem 50 minutes

26.2 miles between Wilsonville Station and Keizer Transit Center

SMART I-5 bypasses

SMART schedule for eclipse day

SMART electronic bus tracker

No direct bus service from Wilsonville to Woodburn (SMART 3 to Canby CAT 99, except SMART 3 runs peak hour only — last trip 8:30 AM, should connect to Woodburn service)

Portland City Center to Woodburn:

TriMet Orange Line to SE Park Ave, TriMet 32/33/99 to Oregon City Transit Center, CAT 99 to Woodburn (limited trips)

(As an alternative to Oregon City, use TriMet Green Line to Clackamas Town Center, TriMet 79 to Oregon City — time is longer when coming from City Center but shorter from airport/east Portland area)

Trip times leaving Oregon City to Woodburn: 5:28, 8:04, 9:04 AM. Scheduled time to Woodburn ~ 55 minutes.

Portland City Center to Molalla:

TriMet Orange Line to SE Park Ave, TriMet 32/33 to Clackamas College, SCTD Molalla shuttle

Trip times leaving Clackamas College — 5:45, 6:45, 7:09, 7:33, 7:58, 9:20 AM. Scheduled times to Molalla: ~ 30 minutes.


TriMet $2.50, free transfers within system (including WES)

SMART 1X $3.00, no transfers

SMART 2X/3 $1.50, no transfers

Canby CAT $1.00, no transfers

SCTD $1.00, no transfers