I get angry about a lot of things, anyone who really knows me can agree. One thing that makes me angry is that so many men and women look at feminism as a way to compete with each other. I can not call myself a feminist. I believe in complete equality. A large majority of women I’ve seen fighting as “feminists” only care to fight about the things that work out in their favor. That is NOT feminism. I believe in equality. I don’t believe in feminism. If women are not given the same prison sentence as men for the exact same crime, what is equality?

What makes me mad is women that think they are superior to men just because they are women. I’ve heard (not sure how accurate) about women in the military who wish to join infantry but fail to complete the necessary qualification. They try fighting to change those qualifications because very few women can pass and “its not fair”. Physically, men and women are not equal. Mentally, I think men and women are equal.

I know it’s more complex than that, just an opinion. Hopefully, I’ll get back to the topic and why else FEMINISM MAKES ME ANGRY.

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