One Body

Here’s what I think of the “Body Positivity” movement happening lately. I love it and I hate it. Here’s why:

You only have one body in this lifetime, so you better feel damn good about the one you’re in. I love that more and more men and women are embracing the not-so-ideal characteristics of their bodies. I like the idea that words are starting to have a lesser impact on self-image, because as I was growing up, it was everyones’ focus and it damaged the self-esteem for so many people, myself included, at such an early age. I love that they are starting to become aware that it doesn’t matter what others think of your body, because you love it. It’s wonderful that the amount of skinny-shaming and fat-shaming is slowly decreasing, because it makes me sick to think that people see “fat” and “skinny” as not just words, but as competitors.

But as I said before, you only have ONE body in you entire life, so you better take good care of it! As mentioned above, I love that people are starting to accept their bodies for how they are, but I don’t think they should be ignoring the health factor. You can love your body and still want to make a change. I think about my health every single day. “What can I be doing now to help me still physically feel like a 20-year-old when I am 40?” is kind of a silly question, but I think about it daily and it keeps me on track. I see people every day who eat like shit, drink excessive amounts of soda, alcohol, juice, and do things even worse to the body. They “love their bodies” but aren’t taking care of them. I will never completely understand why you wouldn’t want to be your best self, physically and mentally. It hurts to see the people around me so involved in accepting their bodies, then using it as an excuse to slack off on eating a proper diet and exercise.

I will not go off the deep end on you if you are telling me how much you love your body and still working to achieve more with it. The human body is so anatomically amazing. You will surprise yourself with how much it can do if you just push your limits until you no longer have any. Your body is your only permanent home. Make sure you’re caring for it.