Sinking Ships

My skull is bruised from my brain bouncing around with thoughts of you. I let my mind rot like a hopeless corpse in the mid-summer heat. I am my biggest flaw and my mind is the captain of a ship, doomed for capsizing, but I guess the beauty is that even the weakest of ships carry life preservers and I don’t care how far my head goes under water, I know I won’t sink, I won’t die, I won’t let these thoughts kill me. I refuse to let myself continue thinking I’m not good enough anymore because of your lack of words. Things change, that’s it. That’s life. So, I guess I’ll tighten the straps to my vest, my pride and my ego, and I’ll kick as hard as I can until I reach shore and when I get there and I take the first step, it’ll be on my own and don’t for a second think I’m looking back to see if you made it because the time has come and gone for that. The time for you to care has long passed. You chose a long time ago to let me swim away, so now that I’m finally treading water, don’t you dare anchor me down, let me free, they way I deserve to be.

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