An E2E encrypted sneakernet helps users stay connected even when the internet is cut off

by Catie W

Green, white and yellow sneakers walking in front of a connectivity signal at full strength

As work, school, commerce, medical care, and other essentials of life become increasingly digitized, being cut off from the internet means more than a mild annoyance. Nowadays, no internet can mean a…

By Brandon S.

Background of binary code ascending in green, foreground of green and white snowflakes ascending to a pile at the bottom of the image

Imagine this: You boot up your computer or smartphone and want to read the news on a site like The New York Times or NPR. …

A green banner featuring The Calyx Institute’s logo, a fist holding a lightning bolt, and the text Calyx Institute: Privacy By Design for Everyone

Suing the FBI and DOJ, designing free digital privacy tools, and doing whatever it takes to bring you “privacy by design”

By Ayesha T and Catie W

The number one question that we get asked at the Calyx Institute is, what IS the Calyx Institute? Are we a tech company…

The Calyx Institute

Privacy by Design

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