On “Woke” White People Advertising their Shock that Racism just won a Presidency
Courtney Parker West

Fuck this. White people have feelings, too. I feel no need to apologize for BEING BORN. Sick of whites being vilified as unable or unqualified to feel pain or have an opinion on ANYTHING. I didn’t get an option in the womb as to what race I would emerge as. When I explain to these millennial bigots that I’m white, male, gay and date a black guy, they look at me like I’m trying to get praise for “trying to prove” I’m not racist, or even prejudiced. Like I’m shooting for brownie points or something. I don’t have to prove a damn thing. I’m not responsible for the actions of other white people who are racist or bigoted. Just like I am not ignorant enough to blame the black race for the asshole who stole my bike. He stole it because he was a THIEF, not because he was black, and when my black friends say they hope I get the bike back, I am also not so ignorant as to pretend they don’t understand or feel my loss just because they happen to be the same color as the crook who did it.

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