Hunters and Gatherers

If I could choose a society throughout history to live in I would choose to live in the hunter and gatherer time period. Based off the research I have done on the era it seems to be a pretty laid back life style. While it would be difficult to hunt for your food, in between hunts the lifestyle would be fairly leisurely. I would not need many possessions and life would be simple. I feel like I would enjoy the nomadic lifestyle because I would be able to be in nature often and see the earth in its most natural state.

While many would argue that the lack of medical knowledge should shy me away from the area I feel like the experience that would be seen in those thirty years would most likely surpass those of today. I also like the idea of a mechanical solidarity which was “a type of social order maintained by the collective consciousness of a culture” (Sociology 2e). I enjoy the simplicity of only doing what needs to be done and not needing to express an organic solidarity.

I identify most with the alienation from one’s self because of my “loss of connectivity between working and an occupation” (Sociology 2e). My part time job is a soccer referee which I choose to do because of my love for the game. After about eight years of doing it the joy from it is gone. The job has simply become a paycheck and the pride I once had has been replaced with financial incentive. I used to care about the outcome of the game but now I find that it is easier to just referee without emotion.

Some of my statuses in life are male, son, brother, student, referee. The male, son, and brother are all ascribed statuses because I had no choice in the matter. While these are all family based I see them a duty that must be done as a member of society. Being a student and a referee are achieved statuses because I choose to be them. I worked hard to be a student and pass high school so I could move onto college, and I needed to take many tests to become a referee. These where all choices that I made because I believed they benefited me most.