The Conflict Theories Far Reaching Effect.

The conflict theory carry’s the ideas that moves much of the development after the rise of the industrial revolution due to the split of the economic separation between classes that are ever growing. Resources and the fair spread of them has always been a problem and could attribute to many of the worlds conflicts in the past, even those of today.

Philosopher Karl Marx believed that conflict was a necessary part of human success and would lead to a more economically sound system ( I agree with this idea but not necessarily the system because if we look at the world we can see whoever has the most resources usually is the most economically sound and has a greater advantage over the others. An example of this right now would be oil. The owners of oil companies are that of some of the richest in the world. They hold the most benefit in this oil driven community because without their oil we would be unable operate as a society.

The rich have a strategic advantage over the poor because the can afford the resources to get above of the others separating themselves even more. This effect widens the margin from rich to poor. This is seen in the 1892 homestead strike where Carriage Steels union violently went on strike to improve working conditions but was struck down by the company, After the strike carriage was able to lower pay and increase work hours; making him more money with less effort ( The French saw a successful conflict in the French revolution. The peasants were feeling poorly treated and wanted to end the feudalist rule. While it was a bloody revolution the peasants won and thus set the country up for a powerful future (

The Conflict theory shows a structure of human nature that desires to be better off than they currently are. The conflict theory drives wars and political arguments. The bases of a good economy are what resources one possess which controls a great deal of that countries development. If a country is rich than they have more money to put toward education and infrastructure while a poor country will have to invest more in crime prevention and in early development.