I’m a person who likes to adopt new technology early: I was into MiniDisc players way back when; I had the first Android phone; I moved away from conventional home audio and adopted Sonos in 2012; I’m all about that home automation. I love products, services and companies that make me feel like I’m in the future.

I first drove an electric car in August 2014. I was offered a test drive through the Tesla Australia mailing list, which I had been a of member since 2011. It immediately became a dream of mine to own a Tesla.

I placed a refundable reservation for their small sedan, the Model 3, in April 2016 when it was first announced. That same year, I made an investment in a cryptocurrency called Ethereum because like many of us in the tech industry, I felt like I had completely missed the Bitcoin boat. In early 2018, following an extraordinary stroke of luck and capital gains of 7500%, I sold out and purchased a Tesla Model X. …


Tech enthusiast, dev and musician from Melbourne, Australia

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