Take a leap of Faith:Caldas da Rainha, Portugal

Caldas da Rainha is a city in western Central Portugal, about 10 km from the Atlantic Ocean. Absent from most international visitors’ itineraries, Caldas da Rainha is an excellent place to experience daily Portuguese life without hordes of tourists. From its lovely park to its bustling farmers’ market, from its varied museums to its numerous shops, from its tasty restaurants to its nearby beaches, Caldas offers visitors countless experiences to savour.

photo by vascotrancoso.blogspot.com

Caldas da Rainha has two primary claims to fame: its curative sulfurous waters and its whimsical decorative pottery. Locals usually refer to the city as just “Caldas”. The city’s name can be translated as “Queen’s Hot Springs”, “Queen’s Spa”, or “Queen’s Baths”.

photo by vascotrancoso.blogspot.com

Caldas da Rainha is an artistic city. You can find works of art throughout the city, and not just in its several museums. Sculptures serve as centerpieces to most of the city’s traffic circles. Caldas’s main park contains many statues and sculptures. The city is home to a college of art and design, as well as a vocational school devoted to ceramics. Caldas’s historical center hosts many lovely buildings, with many examples of Art Nouveau style. You can even take some art home with you, in the form of ceramic creations from the Bordallo Pinheiro factory. The cabbage-shaped tureen is particularly popular.

Giant ceramic figures of Rafael Bordallo Pinheiro

The city of Caldas da Rainha has 27,000 residents and serves as the seat of a municipality of the same name with a population of almost 52,000. Caldas is also the seat of the Comunidade Intermunicipal do Oeste, made up of twelve municipalities with over 362,000 people.

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photo by Gazeta das Caldas

Let me explain, Caldas da Rainha has a privileged location and excellent access, is situated mid-way between the North and the South of Portugal, in the centre of the West zone of the country, just 60 minutes from Lisbon, and a short distance by car from some of the business centers of the country.

Within the Costa de Prata region, Caldas da Rainha is an excellent point of departure for discovering the picturesque scenery and the historical and gastronomic attractions of the region. A short distance away by car are Lisbon, Oporto and only 6 hours from Madrid.

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Dr. Hugo Oliveira or the Mayor (Dr. Tinta Ferreira) from Cityhall in Caldas da Rainha (secretariado@cm-caldas-rainha.pt) or through the cityhall phone number +351262240000.

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Thank you very much for your time and i hope you have a chance to see my beautiful country and most of all, my city, Caldas da Rainha.

See you soon!