A cheat sheet for you doing you

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First things:

Never be a rook on somebody else’s chessboard.

Never be a diamond in somebody else’s 52-card deck.

Never be 1989 in somebody else’s Taylor Swift discography.

Second things:

Never be Hard Times in somebody else’s Dickens bibliography.

Never be a commodore on somebody else’s seagoing vessel.

Never be a decimal in somebody else’s Dewey system.

Never be a whole number in somebody else’s decimal system.

Certain things:

Never be a purple in somebody else’s box of smarties.

Never be a score in somebody else’s batch of grosses.

Never be a widget in somebody else’s manufacturing facility.

Never be…

It’s time to talk about “A.W.”

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It’s time to talk about A.W.

That’s right: A.W.

In fact, it’s so important we discuss A.W. right now that I’d like you to imagine the following scenario —

You’re looking out the window in a quiet house as the rain falls gently on the tree branches outside. A friend walks slowly up to you from behind and softly taps you on the shoulder.

You turn around and look your friend in the eyes and, in sincere and hushed tones, your friend says,

“We need to talk about A.W.”

THAT’S how vital it is that we finally get the A.W…

Healing through energetic radiance

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There is great healing to be found:

When the energetic radiance of gratitude emerges glowing in the body.

When the maximal calm supplied by goodness takes on substance in the spirit.

When renewal is spurred in the centre of the heart with regenerating currents of broadening love.

When the self becomes attuned to the rhythm and metre of the unvanquished balance of truth.

When the inner language of health is harmonized with the deepest forms of power and light.

When the troubled waters of thought are assured by the prospect of heartening days to come.

When the bloodletting of despair…

The story of Edwin Morgan and Idlewild

Photo by Skylar Sahakian on Unsplash

Just when you thought you’d heard everything in the world of music, something comes out of nowhere that completely explodes your assumptions and expectations.

A musical moment that suddenly expands the boundaries of what you thought a mere song could do.

This is a post about one of those rare moments. And I think you’ll agree with me on this next point:

Regardless of how broad your musical tastes are, or how eclectic your sonic preferences might be — you just don’t expect an 82-year-old poet to start reciting spoken-word verses in the middle of an anthemic power-pop alternative rock…

Just when you thought YouTube was all PewDiePie and conspiracy videos

Photo by JR Korpa on Unsplash

Just when you thought YouTube was all PewDiePie clips, Tide pod challenge weirdness and conspiracy theory videos, you stumble on something that really blows your mind.

You just don’t expect to find an answer to what might be the biggest question in the universe in your Up Next feed. And from none other than one of the pioneers of modern psychology himself — Carl Gustav Jung.

Wait, what?

Carl Jung, the author of Psychology of the Unconscious, was still around doing sit-down interviews on television on the cusp of the 1960s?

The man was born in 1875 for crying out loud.

Yet in a way, his profile has never been…

Let me count the ways.

Photo by Jay Wennington on Unsplash

The difference between you and the trolls? Let me count the ways.

You’re on the rise. They’re just risible.

You’re standing tall. They stand for nothing at all.

You’re building a beautiful bridge to somewhere. They’re just living under a bridge somewhere.

You’re connecting the dots. They’re just dotting the connections.

You have no foes and a friend named Mo. They just have a bad case of FOMO.

You’re doing things that are nothing short of visionary. They have nary a vision, and hence nothing.

You’re doing work that earns applause. They’d like to see all that take a pause.

Christopher MacKinnon

Lead creative: Spacing Woods. Always against emptiness. Contact via pagefodder@gmail.com.

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