Shit that makes me angry
Johannes Seikowsky

Because I’m up late and really like this post, I’m gonna respond to each listed piece of “Shit That Makes You Angry” :)

  1. Middle-grounds are for people without spines. lol I’m so glad you listed that. I have never for the life of me understood why people truly believe that the right answer is always found in the compromise. It’s not right, it’s just what makes both parties feel good. How you feel doesn’t matter if the solution chosen does not actually solve anything. You can’t even call it a solution anymore!
  2. You’re absolutely right. Some people are better off not speaking. If it doesn’t add value why bother? lol. It’s kind of like that thing your parents teach you “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” (swap out nice and throw in MEANINGful)
  3. I must say I don’t mind the queue at LAX. They’ve figured something out because I literally never wait when I’m flying out. It’s amazing actually.
  4. Rules are made for people who lack good judgment skills. No one has to tell me to walk in the crosswalk when the walk man shows up because death is a thing if I go at most other times. Yet, jaywalking is a ticketable offense for those who need that extra consequence. haha.