Get Out of Your Own Way!

Isn’t it crazy how we’ve somehow mastered giving spot-on advice to others, yet we never listen to ourselves?

Whenever we want something, we already know how to obtain/achieve it. Or we may even know someone who can help… but RARELY do we just ACT on that knowledge — especially in a timely manner.

For the past few months, I’ve had some trouble self-starting. I knew precisely, like no kidding, I knew exactly what I needed and wanted to do.

But for some reason, I wasn’t doing it.

Normally, I can act very readily on things, but I wasn’t.

I was literally standing in my own way.

That experience got me thinking about those of us who hit that sort of life block and never advance. Those of us who get stuck.

Stuck in a job they hate, a dead-end marriage, etc.

Those of us who choose, unintentially or otherwise, to just stop.

What we haven’t admitted is that we’re scared. What else can stop you dead in your tracks like that? — Only fear.

This fear that we unknowingly perpetuate is stunting our growth and the growth of our children and even the growth of our children’s children.

The sooner we start acting on our aspirations and actually making dreams come true, the sooner we can harness that fear.

Perhaps we need to even stop calling things we oh so desperately want dreams. The word dream is defined as something fictional, like a fantasy.

The things we envision for ourselves must be referred to as realities.

Anything we construct in the confines of our minds can be created in the physical world. We must believe that.

Let’s take that fear and rework it into a positive force.

In all honesty, I’m here to tell you there’s nothing to be afraid of. So go for it. Whatever it is…just do it.

Every time I’ve ever just gone with my gut and stuck my neck out there it’s worked.

Scared people tell you not to put all your eggs in one basket. Fuck that.

When I moved to LA, I applied for ONE apartment due to a feeling I had when I saw it.

I came out here without a single job application sent and went on ONE interview.

I was able to get what I wanted because I didn’t focus energy on the fear. To say I didn’t have any would be a lie, but I was so excited and so relentlessly hellbent on moving that I wasn’t gonna take no for an answer. Instead I let the fear motivate me.

If what you want for yourself doesn’t scare the shit out of you, then you sir or ma’am are selling yourself short.

You only fail when you stop.

If you try and it doesn’t work out, please… I’m begging you — you’re begging you — try again.

The way I see it, you’ll never put enough energy into Plan A if you worry about creating a Plan B.

Plan A should always be to give it everything you’ve got. It may involve multiple steps and methods but it has ONE goal — Manifestation.

The life you’re living right now should be you carrying out Plan A without reservation.

So ask yourself, what plan are you actively working on?

In this moment, are you chasing after Plan A?

— — — — or are you settling for Plan B?

And if so, did you ever give your all to Plan A? Chances are you didn’t, but you know how. So what are you waiting for?

Good luck.

****TIP: If you’re ever feeling stuck, watch this TEDtalk by Larry Smith. It helped/helps me remember what I wanna be able to tell my kids. And if you wanna talk about your struggles with someone who isn’t gonna judge you — I’m here.

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