My First #Rocksbox Review

What is #Rocksbox?
For my ladies who looooove jewelry but are ballin on a budget or simply my girls who love to switch it up... I have news. You should join Rocksbox!! It’s basically a rotating, unlimited, personalized jewelry box.

How did I find out about it?
A Rocksbox representative contacted me a few months ago about becoming one of their It Girls. Before receiving the email, I (like many of you) had never heard of Rocksbox. I was shopping for jewelry the old-fashioned way. I know not every piece I wear can realistically be Cartier or Tiffany’s at this point in my life, but I didn’t want to sacrifice style to save money. Fortunately, Rocksbox offers trendy designs from Kendra Scott, Perry Street, and Nicole Richie’s House of Harlow at a low monthly price. The best part of being selected as an It Girl, is that I get to enjoy this limitless jewelry box for FREE! I have to admit I was a tad skeptical at first because it all sounded too good to be true.

However, I’ve come to see that Rocksbox is legit. They really do send you items your personal stylist feels you would like in a package that comes with a free return label... AND GET THIS, not a dime was charged to my card that I placed on file. (I even did a Periscope of the first un-boxing and plan to do them each time so you know it’s real!! Haha) I feel completely secure in my agreement with Rocksbox and I certainly recommend this incredible service to anyone willing!! I even suggest it as the perfect present to give the leading ladies and fashionistas in your life! It’s literally the gift that keeps on giving. For details on how it works keep scrolling!

Here’s a picture of my first Rocksbox! It even came with a personalized booklet! I know they made that just for me because let’s be honest… how many Camarees do you know? 😂

How does it work?

  1. You take a quick simple style survey. This is how the company’s stylists get to know you. The key is to be honest. If you want Rocksbox to work, you gotta give em something to work with.
  2. To finalize your membership, you must place a card on file. To become a Shine Insider is only $19/month and you can cancel at any time. It’s truly no strings attached… if you only wanna commit for a short term swing, that’s totally fine. Rocksbox isn’t going to catch feelings and they’ll be there when you decide to come back (Rocksbox loves you unconditionally! Lol).
  3. You receive a pretty little package containing 3 pieces based on your selections from Step 1.
  4. Return your #Rocksbox with all of the pieces using the free shipping label and pop your package in the mail.
  5. You get a new box of treasures to rock all without the hassle of shopping in store.

So what happens if you fall for the right piece (or pieces for you overachievers)?

It’s alright. You are bound to fall in love at some point even if you swore you wouldn’t get attached… It happens to the best of us. Rocksbox gets it. That’s why they automatically give you $10/month of Shine Spend to apply to a purchase.

All in all, I think Rocksbox has really figured it out. I mean not only do you not have to wait in line or get hustled at busy retail stores, you don’t even have to shop! You literally don’t have to leave your house — although we all know that the first thing you are going to do is flaunt your new accessories for the world to see.

Here’s the link:

I just recently packaged up my first box and sent it in so Rocksbox could hook me up with box #2. To see how I rock my Rocksbox accessories, follow me on Instagram @camareebarr and Snapchat @camaree 😊

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