The Straightest Road to Success
Gary Vaynerchuk

You wouldn’t focus on your strengths as a swimmer if you were stuck at the bottom of a 12ft well and needed to pull yourself out, would you? I hope not. That being said, every situation comes with a silver lining. Even when all seems lost, there is a fragment of opportunity that makes it possible to achieve… to overcome… to fight.

These blanket statements you make — about defining what you love, turning that love into a revenue-generating profession and focusing on your strengths — they’re all the result of a core belief that you’ve developed simply because you’ve lived it. Your situation, life experience, specific chain of events, etc. has unfolded in such a way that you can automatically accept these claims to be truth. For you, they’re fact — backed by the hard evidence of life that is especially Gary Vaynerchuk.

True, it’s great if people can model their lives based on this belief , and it’s great that you’re the one to preach it to them— but you have to get people to believe it, wholly and truly, if it’s ever going to work. I would say that the key to success — to doing what you love and focusing on your strengths, is to first look at your situation and separate what is working from what isn’t working (even if you don’t like the situation that you’re in). Being strong means taking advantage of the tiniest slivers of opportunity in any circumstance — testing yourself and moving out of your comfort zone to accept and complete life’s challenges as they’re delivered to you. A person needs to be able to pull himself out of any “well” regardless of whether or not he’s got good upper body strength, right? If no one is there to help him, how are is he going to help himself?

You can’t swim on dry land.

Of course, all of what I have to say is meaningless unless it means something to you. Otherwise, I’m just another commenter plagued by the mass of your social influence (which, really, is a nod to you). Keep focusing on your strengths, Gary — and keep loving this “doing” that you do so well.

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