We focus on three elements we believe are the most essential to the success of education: the elements of simplicity, certainty and now.

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Itโ€™s undeniable โ€” the pandemic has put the U.S. education system under immense pressure that is being felt on a daily basis by students, teachers, administrators and parents. Cambium Learning โ€” always optimistic about the power of education and technology โ€” chooses to embrace this unprecedented challenge. Indeed, we believe this is the moment to finally ensure that students and teachers are โ€” once and for all โ€” universally seen and valued.

As a company, Cambium has been intentionally built to include only the strongest education technology brands: Lexia Learning, Learning A-Z, Voyager Sopris Learning, ExploreLearning, Kurzweil Education, Cambium Assessment, Rosetta Stone and Time4Learning. But thereโ€™s much more to Cambium than a collection of great brands. Thatโ€™s why, over the last year, weโ€™ve worked with our Cambium colleagues and spoken with our customers and partners about what ideas connect these brands together. Through that work, weโ€™ve gotten to the essence of our story: Cambium Learning Group is the education essentials company. Many education brands talk about their why, but they neglect to focus on how they bring that why to life. โ€ฆ


Cambium Learning Group

The education essentials company: Simplicity. Certainty. Now. ๐Ÿ‘€ out our ๐Ÿ†-winning K-12 #edu #tech brands โ€” @LearningAtoZ @LexiaLearning @Time4Learning + more

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