Today we are excited to publicly announce our new digital asset investment company called Cambrian Asset Management. At Cambrian, we believe in a research-driven, rules-based system to invest in blockchain assets, including Bitcoin, Ether, and dozens of other cryptocurrencies and tokens. Cambrian was created to provide institutional investors efficient exposure to these blockchain assets in a way not currently available.

Since the early ’90s, information moved onto the Internet via the web and apps, disrupting incumbent media and retail companies and creating trillions of dollars in new Internet-specific entities. We believe blockchain technologies present a similar potential for a multitude of assets over the coming decades.

Blockchains have started to disrupt the asset part of our economy and create new, investable digital assets across a range of uses, many of which are still in development or have yet to be invented.

Cambrian is focused on:

  1. Maximizing long-term capital appreciation as the entire industry evolves and grows, no matter which digital asset in which segment “wins”
  2. A well-researched, systematic, rules-based strategy to allocate capital in order to achieve optimal risk-adjusted returns while lowering investment manager risk from biases, errors of omission, concentration, and overtrading
  3. High-quality custody, audit, compliance, and security, along with internal research to minimize exposure to fraudulent blockchain projects
  4. Low costs from trading, fees, and taxes

Cambrian has three managing partners: Internet 1.0 tech exec and investor Martin Green (Co-CIO), three-time VC-backed engineer, founder and active blockchain investor Adam Jackson (CTO), and hedge fund portfolio manager Jay Posner (Co-CIO).

Martin Green (Co-CIO) began his career at Morgan Stanley, then CNET (bought by CBS), Meebo (bought by Google) and has invested in tech companies for the last five years.

Adam Jackson (CTO) is a three-time CTO / CEO with exits to Intuit & Advance Auto Parts. He co-founded Doctor On Demand and has invested in many early blockchain projects.

Jay Posner (Co-CIO) began his career at Citigroup, then at $2 billion hedge fund Zimmer Lucas, and managed a near $1 billion portfolio at $35 billion hedge fund Millennium Partners.