Self-confessed comic addict Osarenkhoe Ogbeide sees beyond the superhero to the scientist. When he’s not developing printable gas sensors, he’s passionate about celebrating the contributions of black scientists throughout history.

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Osarenkhoe with the pan-African flag

Marvel films and comics sparked my interest in science subjects. I realised that lots of the best superheroes had a background in science — Ironman was a genius engineer and Spiderman studied as a biochemist — and they would often use this knowledge to solve problems.

Today I’m a PhD student at the Cambridge Graphene Centre, working on developing the next generation of gas sensors using 2D materials, such as graphene. The real-life applications of the technology include monitoring CO2 in the home and ammonia in industrial settings, but it also has the potential to be used as a medical diagnostic tool. …


University of Cambridge

Research from the University of Cambridge

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