Choosing A Boarding School and Preparing Your Child for It

India has had a magnificent history surrounding boarding schools, right from the ancient times when there were Gurukuls and the Guru-shishya concept was popular. The country has been the hub of education for centuries, and Jaipur has been a significant city in the field. And while all boarding schools are a similarly disciplined collective setting where children learn, socialize, and live, considering a child’s personality and their emotional needs is vital. As no two schools can be the same, choosing the right boarding school with the right environment, trained teachers, quality curriculum, and overall facilities, can contribute to a child’s brighter future. Therefore, choosing a school that best promotes the child’s learning ability, out of all the boarding school in Jaipur Rajasthan, is necessary for better development of the child’s future.

Looking at the child’s interests and making decisions — 
Starting with deciding on the type of boarding school for the child in question, should be the first step. ‘Type of school’ can have different criteria for different people; for instance, some would prefer single-sex schools over co-eds, while others might want to send their children to military or religiously affiliated schools. Also, day boarding schools in Jaipur, Rajasthan, might provide a good respite for working parents.

Exploring the options available should be the second step. Parents must take time to surf the internet, scroll through different school websites, and study parents’ and students’ testimonials. This should be a time taking activity, which generally should end with a list of at least 10–15 boarding schools. Now comes the very important part of curtailing these options. Parents must look at the pros and cons of each school, discuss with their child, and segregate schools on different benchmarks, such as the curriculum, extra-curricular, location, class size, teachers, etc. This should be an activity done considering the interests of both the child and his/her parents.

Visiting the boarding schools for assessment –

Parents must keep at least 3–4 schools in the consideration list, and then visit each one of them to check suitability; enquire about the facilities, academics, environment, resources, timings, and infrastructure, when on the school campus. This is a chance for the parents and the child to get an idea whether the school is a considerable fit.
If the child tends to like the school, parents can also find out about the admission process, and fill out any forms required for admission. Though most boarding schools in Jaipur, Rajasthan select students through their own standardized admission tests, there may be other options.

Preparing the child heading for the boarding –
If it’s the child’s first time going away from home, it can be difficult. It may be disturbing for him/her to leave their family and friends behind. Children, at this point, need moral support and constant counseling on how they can comfortably adjust in a new environment with new people. Preparing them to deal with different situations and giving them tips on socializing can be really helpful for them.

Home sickness is another problem often faced by children when they move to a different place; more than physically missing home, they tend to feel a lack of love and support. While some children cope faster, others may need regular support and encouragement. Also, parents must make sure that their children learn to do basic chores before leaving for a boarding school; this’ll make their lives much easier.

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