How Technology has been Instrumental in Changing the Face of Education?

Education has undergone a sea change due to technological advances. Technology has completely transformed the way education is imparted to the students. Educational departments, whether these be in primary, middle school, high school, or college level have gone through many changes due to technological advances. For instance, most educational institutes nowadays opt for paperless education, wherein the lessons are imparted with the help of Internet and laptops. Although, this is applicable usually in higher education, yet more minimalistic use of this technological advancement can be made in the middle and high school level. Some of the changes that technology has brought about in education have been discussed below.

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The Positive Impact of Technology on Education

The use of technology in education has brought about many changes in this field and some of these are as follows-

· Increase in Efficiency Levels: The digitalization of education has increased the efficiency of both teachers and students. At primary level, most schools opt for a more interactive learning, wherein children get to work with a wide range of software-based tools. Smart classes using integrated software tools have made learning easier for children as it has both audio and visual effects. Children nowadays are more attentive in a digital or a smart class than otherwise.

· Improved Interaction between Student and Teacher: With the internet, the interaction between students and their respective teachers has also improved. Teachers can keep in touch with students through Internet-based communication systems such as emails, chats, and other such means. This is especially helpful for senior students as it helps them to clear their doubts or queries faster and produce more effective results.

· Easier Access to Information: Another important part of education is to help students gather required information with ease. With the help of Internet and its huge database of e-libraries, e-books or e-journals, gathering adequate information has become easier. Students can easily access the requisite sites and collect essential information. Thus, learning is no longer confined to textbooks.

· Increased Usage of Multimedia: Delivering information in with both audio and visual aids makes it easier for the students to grasp the information. With the advancement of technology, the dependency on multimedia has increased. Most schools nowadays have multimedia rooms wherein children are taught with the help of visual aids like power point presentations, computer aided designs and even short movies.

Thus, with the advances in technology, the entire paradigm as to how education is perceived has changed. Schools nowadays are proactively introducing concept based education, creative thinking and are also helping children get more acquainted with the technological advances occurring around the world. Hence, as science and technology have progressed, education has also come out of the textbooks and incorporated the changes effectively. In the long term, acquainting students with technological advances will help them become successful in their respective careers.

Therefore, as a parent, if you’re looking for the right school for your child, it is important to choose a school that uses technology to impart knowledge to the students.

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