Top Four Traits of a Phlebotomy Technician

If you are planning to enter the interesting field of phlebotomy as a technician, you will indeed need the top four qualities of a phlebotomy technician to be successful. Some of these traits are natural, and others are skills that you learn in a Phlebotomy Technician Program. Before starting a career, it’s very important to understand what the job actually requires. Let’s discuss some of the top skills and qualities that a Phlebotomy Technician requires.

How to draw blood?

This is the most basic skill that is required if you want to become a Phlebotomist. It includes proper knowledge of the equipment used while drawing blood, such as- gauze, needles, vials, bandages, needle disposal units, alcohol wipes, and tourniquets. You should know how to decide a position for venipuncture, for example- whether to draw blood from a hand, wrist, or arm vein. The last one is how to make non-visible veins more visible and proper procedure of needle insertion technique, etc.

Label the samples- Labelling a sample efficiently is one of the important skill that a technician must know. Labeling a sample includes, a patient’s- name, ID number, date and time of the collected sample, and a sign of Phlebotomist who collected the sample.

Compassion- The main duty of a Phlebotomy technician is drawing blood. It is vital to take care and talk politely with the patients. Because some people are afraid of needles so it’s the duty of the technician to make the patient comfortable.

Multitasker- The work culture of a lab or a clinic is very busy. A Phlebotomist has to take a number of blood samples in a single shift. So, they must have the ability to work under pressure with the full accuracy. He/she must be a multitasker as they have to look other tasks also, such as- dealing patient queries, scheduling meetings, or troubleshooting unit collection issues.

You must have the above skills and qualities if you are interested in pursuing a Phlebotomy Technician Training Program. It is important to note that after completing just a few months training in Phlebotomy, one can have a good career with a decent salary